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The Charity Club Langkawi,

Bringing charity straight to the home                                                    


32 Primary/Secondary and 2 Tertiary Students are sponsored for 2019.
Sponsors always wanted.



Education in Malaysia is not free and many families find it financially difficult to meet the costs involved.

Uniforms are mandatory and some children attend every other day as they share a uniform with a sibling or they either have to walk to school or buy food as they cannot afford both.

Students who wish to move to tertiary education often do not apply as they know the family cannot afford the upfront fees and the cost of living away from home.

Our programme aims to help with some or all of the costs giving children the chance to attend school regularly or move onto tertiary education.   Without education their future options are limited and the poverty cycle continues.


Primary & Secondary Schoolchildren

The sponsorship is initially for one year and the school year runs from early January to mid November with four terms.

We  provide interested sponsors with details of children and their estimated cost based on our assessment of the level of support needed, which may include uniform, food, transport, fees, books, sports clothing and hostel.

Tertiary Students

College and University semesters vary, but each semester is 5 months with a 6/8 week break at the end of year (2 semesters/year).  It is difficult to calculate the costs for the whole degree course as some costs are not known at the outset, for instance, will the student be able to remain in the hostel for the entirety of the course or will he/she have to live out.

The sponsorship is a top up of the loan or scholarship that the student receives from the Government, but this is not confirmed until at least 3 months into the first semester.

We provide interested sponsors with estimated costs for the first semester, but once the loan has been confirmed we recalculate the costs.  Our aim is to ensure that the student has sufficient funds for a reasonable standard of living, not for luxuries.  

At any time during the sponsorship we are happy to provide expenditure information to sponsors.


Primary & Secondary Schoolchildren

Payment in advance for the year can be made in cash, cheque, transfer to our bank account or Paypal.  A receipt is issued for the funds received and 100% is allocated to the child's account.  

At any time during the sponsorship we are happy to provide expenditure information to sponsors.

In October after the last payments for the year have been made, we contact sponsors with details of the expenditure for their child and information on continuing for the next year.

Credit balances are offered back to the sponsors by way of a refund or credit for the next year. Debit balances are absorbed by us – we never ask for more funds to cover shortfalls.

Teritary Students

We will discuss the payment schedule with sponsors based on the semester arrrangements.


We endeavour to check attendance on a regular basis.

In cases of extreme truancy, after discussions with the school and parents,  we will consider stopping lunch and transport payments.  This may also lead to permament cancellation of sponsorship arrangements.


If sponsors visit or live in Langkawi and want to meet their sponsored child we are happy to arrange this.


Our Education Fund enables supporters who wish to make a donation, to do so without sponsoring a particular child. Funds donated in this way will only be used for education.

Donations to the Education Fund are non returnable.